Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A new methodology for the use of C potencies.

Here is the abstract of an (long) article about a different, new approach to the use of low and medium C potencies, prepared exactly according to the rules created by Hahnemann, that allow to reach extremely high potencies equivalents.

You can find the full text, pictures and graphs either on or on where there is a free PDF download (type my name in the search box). The original title is "Removing the guesswork from potency selection".

I'd appreciate comments and questions and if you use the system, your experience with it would be very welcome so that I could include it in next year's update.

Removing the guesswork from potency selection.

A new methodology for the use of C potencies based on a mathematical Law of Nature.

Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD.

Copyright Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD.
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Removing the guesswork from potency selection.
A new methodology for the use of C potencies based on a mathematical Law of Nature.

Dr. Joe Rozencwajg, NMD.

Finding the right remedy is one thing, the most important one. Then comes the question of which potency, in which system (C, X, LM/Q) to select the potencies and how to find the proper ones.
Articles, books, treaties have been written on the single, frustrating, issue of which potency to use and when to use it. In a recent book “What about the potency?” the author has interviewed many masters of homeopathy about their ways of using potencies; no consensus emerged, everyone had another very successful but different system and was committed to it.
David Little teaches to evaluate the sensitivity of the patient on a scale of 1 to 1000 and “prescribe accordingly”; more precise than what others suggest but still very subjective as it is based on a “guesstimate” by the practitioner and is then very much a function of the practitioner’s own health and state of mind.
Kent’s Harmonics of 6C – 30C – 200C – 1M – 10M is widely used and based on his and his follower’s experience, but what is its logic, except for habit and availability?
The French series of 3C – 5C – 7C – 9C – 12C – 15C – 18C – 24C – 30C has been useful to generations of patients and has proved its usefulness, but again, what is its logic?
LM/Q potencies are purely linear, and remove a lot of trials and errors by starting at the lowest and climbing the potencies one after the other; even if you jump a potency, the progression is still linear, but straight lines are rare if at all present in Nature and this is often a protracted slow process, which is perfect when this is what is needed.
I present a new approach to the use of C potencies that is based on a mathematical concept found everywhere in Nature; this removes completely the guesswork and has proved so far to be easy to use, deep acting, fast acting, but needing an intense collaboration between the patient and the practitioner (although this could only be the method’s teething problems). Moreover, it has the added advantage of using low and medium hand-made potencies, avoiding another piece of guesswork: what is it we really give above 30/200C?

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