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Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification.

Well I finally made it and published my book about Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification.
Like "Dynamic Gemmotherapy" it is available at printed on demand so a lot more ecological.
Here are a few (no, actually quite a lot)pages....

Organotherapy, Drainage and Detoxification.

A starting point to safe practice for Homeopaths, Herbalists, Naturopaths, Traditional Healers and enlightened Medical Doctors.

Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD.

The Art of Medicine consists in amusing the patient while Nature cures the disease.......Voltaire.

The Art of Homeopathy consists in curing the patient so that no disease ever recurs....... Dr. Joe.

Copyright Dr. J. Rozencwajg, NMD and Natura Medica Ltd.

All rights reserved. Any form of copy by mechanical, electronic or other means strictly forbidden without previous authorisation. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted by all means available, everywhere, always.


First introduction 1
Second introduction 5
Prelude 7
Background and Theory 13
Organotherapy 17
From Cannibalism to Remedies 18
Herbal Organotherapy 23
Kidneys 23
Liver 24
Heart 26
Endocrine glands 27
Thyroid 27
Adrenals 28
Brain 29
Skin 31
Immune system 31
Gemmotherapy in Organotherapy 33
Nutritional Organotherapy 35
Brain 36
Immune system 37
Heart 38
Lungs 40
Liver and Gallbladder 40
Kidneys 41
Stomach and Intestines 42
Colon and Bowel Flora 43
Thyroid 44
Adrenals 44
Diabetes 45
Oligotherapy 46
Organopathy 48
Drainage 53
Nutritional drainage 53
Kidneys and Urinary tract 56
Liver 65
Pancreas 71
Blood 74
Lymphatic system 75
Veins 77
Arteries 78
Heart 81
Lungs 82
Colon 84
Endocrine in general 88
Thyroid 89
Adrenals 90
Male 91
Female 92
Skin 93
Brain and Nerves 94
Drugs 97
Joints 98
Phytotherapic (Herbal) drainage 105
Alteratives 106
Kidneys and Urinary tract 109
Liver 114
Pancreas 118
Blood 118
Lymphatic system 119
Venous system 121
Arteries 124
Heart 126
Lungs 127
Colon 128
Endocrine in general 129
Thyroid 129
Adrenals 131
Skin 133
Brain and nerves 135
Joints 136
Gemmotherapic drainage 138
Homeobotanical drainage 141
Homeopathic drainage 145
Channelling remedies 150
Remedy relationships 153
The Kollistch list 154
Drainage remedies 158
Kidneys and Urinary tract 160
Liver 175
Pancreas 181
Spleen 182
Blood 183
Lymphatic system 186
Veins 189
Arteries 191
Heart 195
Lungs 201
EENT 207
Digestive system 210
Stomach 211
Pylorus 213
Intestine and Colon 214
Rectum and Haemorrhoids 220
Endocrine in general 223
Carbohydrate metabolism 223
Thyroid 223
Adrenals 225
Male 227
Female 228
Breast 229
Skin and mucosa 232
Brain and Nervous system 237
Bones and Joints 241
Serosa 245
Specifics 245
Osteopathic drainage 249
Transmission of energetic information
in the body 253
Detoxification 260
Sweat it out! Far Infra Red sauna 262
Enemas and colonics 265
Nutritional detoxification 267
Cilantro and Chlorella 268
Specific detoxifiers 271
Nutritionals 271
Minerals 273
Phytotherapic (Herbal) detoxification 275
Chelation 276
Lithotherapy 277
Isopathy aka Isotherapy 278
Lesser known techniques 282
Gemmotherapy 282
Lithotherapy 316
Oligotherapy 321
Summary 329
Conclusion 331
The Author 332
References and Bibliography 333


This book started as a compilation of my own practice. As far as I can remember, I always used some form of preparation for the in-depth treatment after a few patients suffered aggravations from the right remedy. Then I started being asked about this or that form of drainage, how to detoxify and was it a real thing or just a New Age fad. Eventually I thought it would make sense, and life easier, to put some order in what I was doing. While doing that I realised that over the years I had indeed accumulated a lot of knowledge and techniques that needed some order and logic. At that time I wrote an essay for our local homeopathic journal, Homeopathy NewZ, which you will find, however modified, as the first Introduction.
I also came to see that there were lots of correlations between different methods; that they were synergistic but that every type of practitioner, homeopath, herbalist, nutritionist, naturopath, was often doing his own little system without daring to investigate what others were using. What a waste! And moreover, many of those techniques were written, used and described in other languages.
Surprisingly, nobody ever bothered to translate any of them (except Dr. Maury) and to put them together so that they could be learned and used as an addition to one’s core practice.
So here it is. Without pretending to be complete or exhaustive, there is a lot of material, techniques and references.
Might I suggest you put aside any preconceptions and read it fully? Then try to use any technique you feel comfortable with or which is the closest to what you already know. After that, try some other ones. Your patients will be ever so thankful.
By the way, English is not my mother tongue, so, if you find grammatical errors or some style of writing that is not the Queen’s English, bear with me, please.


First introduction, mainly aimed at Homeopaths (but useful for everyone).

Homeopathy is the treatment of diseases by remedies chosen according to the Law of Similars.
All Homeopaths agree on that. Well….most of them.

But is that all?

How comes that sometimes a remedy, obviously well chosen, works poorly? And this even when the choice is checked by colleagues and teachers, and the same remedy is suggested?
How comes that a well-chosen remedy sometimes gives terrible aggravations? Wrong potency, wrong dose, are we told. However, is that really all?

Hahnemann, Kent and most of the contemporary Classical homeopaths advocate the use of a single remedy without any interference from any other form of treatment.
That is an ideal.
But is it always attainable? And is it always justified?

In today’s world, we are confronted not only with diseases, acute or chronic, but with a slow intoxication (intoxication is the introduction of external harmful compounds in the organism) and intoxination (intoxination is the flooding of the organism by internally produced harmful compounds, including bacterial toxins) of our organisms, a slow, subtle, insensible but all pervading and almost unavoidable poisoning: adulterated food, water polluted with the best of intentions (Cl, Fluor), polluted air, EMF from computers, TV, phones, power lines, vaccines and medications, etc,…

Our “Lebenskraft” (I am using the German word Lebenskraft instead of Vital Force because there has been too many arguments about what Hahnemann really meant by this word, and so many different translations. I do not want to become entangled in useless semantic arguments), Life Energy, Ki, Prana, Ruach, whatever you want to call it, is busy fighting the poisons and the diseases with the help of most of our organs.
To treat with Homeopathy, we introduce an artificial disease that is supposed to displace the natural disease. But it does not do that on its own; the remedy needs the involvement of the Lebenskraft and the active participation of all our organs.

What if they are too busy just maintaining life? Wouldn’t that explain why a well chosen remedy does not work?

What if the supplementary imbalance from the remedy just pushes some organs into a totally chaotic answer instead of starting the repairs? Wouldn’t that explain many unexpected aggravations?

Wouldn’t it make sense to prepare the body to heal? Isn’t it logic to optimise the function of each and every organ before the “real” treatment starts?

That is the purpose of Drainage, Detoxification and Organotherapy. And it is nothing really new, it was well done and codified by the French School of Homeopathy with famous names like Fortier Bernoville, Duprat, Vannier, Conan Meriadec, Michaud, Allendy, Bastien, Barbier, Nebel, Rouy, Zissu and many others.

Many Classical Unicist Homeopaths claim that the Simillimum is its own draining remedy.
Yes. Maybe. Sometimes.
Undeniably, there are situations where the correct remedy restores the normal physiology and functions so that total health is restored, toxins, poisons, metals, xenobiotics are eliminated and everything is running smoothly forever after.
Are you willing to gamble on this affirmation?
I am not!
I see too often patients receiving the correct prescription without any reaction or at best a very weak one indicating that the remedy was indeed correct but also had its action inhibited.
If I can avoid aggravations, complications or lack of efficiency, if I can speed up the recovery of a patient, then I will use whatever is needed.
There is no contradiction between Drainage and Hahnemanian Homeopathy.
One prepares the way for the other.
It is true that sometimes, by unblocking the function of the organism, the Lebenskraft is freed to perform its original task and produces a cure, or at least a sensible amelioration without the prescription of a Simillimum.
So what?
Isn’t that in absolute agreement with Paragraph 1 of the Organon? “The physician’s highest and only calling is to make the sick healthy, to cure, as it is called”.
And indeed detoxification is nothing else but the removal of obstacles to cure.

When you plan a long trip in your car, don’t you check and repair it beforehand to ensure a safe trip? Why would you do that for your car and not for your body?

Second introduction, aimed at other Natural Medicine practitioners (but Homeopaths could learn something from it).

Detoxify! Purify your body! Clean your organs!
Our patients are swarmed by advertisements and articles trying to sell them products with health benefits centred on the concept of being full of harmful substances that need to be removed.
And many are trying, eventually arriving at the clinic with bags full of empty boxes and no results whatsoever.
We know there is truth in the “cleansing mantra”, but we also know we need to give a precise treatment, individualized to the need of each and every patient according to his history, his clinical condition, his pathology and his desire to explore one way rather than another.
Yet most of the prescriptions I see are trademark products, the latest combination or the latest special juice from an exotic place, or whatever else. They might work but there is rarely any logic in the matching of the patient with the product, except maybe the financial logic.
As health practitioners, as professionals, we are bound to understand not only the patients’ problem but how our remedies, drugs, medications, techniques, whatever we use, work, what they do exactly, when to use them and when not, why use them and why not.
That is the aim of this book.
Not to teach a technique. But to explain how to use what you already know in a proper way to achieve a proper, effective and safe detoxification; and maybe also to show how others do it and encourage you to explore more in depth different avenues that can complement what you already do. You would not be reading this if you did not want to enhance your knowledge.
Homeopaths will find dynamized remedies, Herbalists will find phytotherapic and gemmotherapic remedies, Osteopaths will find some organ adjustments, Naturopaths will find Nutrition and all of the above and everybody could learn about little known but very useful techniques like Lithotherapy, Oligotherapy, Gemmotherapy, Homeobotanical Medicine and others.
You will also see the links between those different approaches and how they can blend with each other without loosing their individuality; and you will be able to offer different possibilities and alternatives to patients who might be scared to try some of them for whatever reason.
No book can claim to be complete and exhaustive; this one is not different. You might have a very successful way to detoxify that is not listed here. Fantastic! How about publishing it? You might know of yet another herb that could help; let me know.
This work is based mainly on my personal experience backed by the vast amount of knowledge and clinical experience of Masters of the Art of Healing. It still is and will continually be a work in progress.


How did we get there anyway? How comes that earlier practitioners were able to treat many diseases with just a few remedies, and we, with all the accumulated knowledge of centuries of practice and with all the progress in knowledge, cannot match their feats?
As I wrote in the introduction, it is exogenous toxicity. Let me be rude, crass and vulgar for a moment: we are completely screwed, we are in deep shit and we have nobody else to blame but ourselves!
That does not mean that ONLY exogenous toxins, metals, poisons and xenobiotics are the culprits in the world’s state of health and that all the natural techniques we use are worthless UNLESS we remove them; daily practice shows that this is far from the truth. Nevertheless, many cures could be accelerated or completed with a good cleansing……
Genetics, constitution, diathesis, miasm, terrain, whatever you call it, is modified by exogenous toxins:
- no matter how strong our genetic background, our constitution is, a poison remains a poison and will act as a poison, all the time, every time
- it is the interaction of the poison with the terrain/constitution/genetic that will create either a specific disease or a specific weakness that in turn will allow a disease to emerge
- removing the toxins, or at least lowering their level and influence, allows the body to go back towards a more “virginal” terrain that can then be treated more easily with natural (meaning reinforcing the normal, healthy physiological activity) medicine
- not doing that explains partial results and failures in the hands of the best practitioners

Let me give a few examples of what modern day living and technology is introducing in our bodies and the result thereof, without writing a textbook of toxicology. When looked for, all those substances are found in our bodies.
Dioxin: cancers, brain damage, endometriosis
PCB: leukaemia and other cancers, heart problems

Pesticides and Insecticides: CFS, Parkinson, bladder and colon cancer,
other cancers, heart pathology
Phtalates (leaching form plastics): hormonal modifications
Styrene and Benzene: hepatitis, leukaemia, encephalopathy, paralysis, convulsions, arrhythmias, cancers, CFS
Toluene: nail deformity, menstrual disturbances, liver destruction, haematological problems, MI, depression, paraesthesia, neuropathies, CFS
Vinyl: cancer, birth defect, genetic damage, auto-immune diseases
Xenoestrogens (mainly phtalates): mimics estrogens and cause early puberty, endometriosis, and gynaecological cancers
Fluoride: behavioural changes, arthritis, bone cancers (osteosarcoma), heart, brain, kidney injuries and hormonal changes, thyroid dysfunction
Chlorine: increases cholesterol level because of direct damage to vascular endothelium (cholesterol is used to patch the damaged wall); transformed into chloramines and chloroform when comes in contact with proteins, becoming a carcinogen; thyroid dysfunction
All the heavy metals: aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and many others are often the “undetected and not thought about” cause of multiple diseases in each and every organ and function of the body; just look up the table of contents of an Internal Medicine textbook, many if not most of the diseases listed there can be mimicked or caused by heavy metals.
I should also write about GME, radioactive pollution, EMF pollution (e-fog), etc,…..That would be too much for this book but the association of heavy metals and EMFs brings us to a very interesting phenomenon called “The Antenna Effect”.
It appears that people who have heavy metals stored in their bodies have them act as “antennas” and attract, focus, electromagnetic fields around them, causing weird symptoms that cannot be explained otherwise through physiology or physiopathology. The more metals are present, the strongest the antenna effect, the worst the symptoms; no wonder that in time, cellular changes happen and cancers are created; this could very well explain the discrepancies between many studies relating the use of cell phones and the occurrence of brain tumours: should the load in heavy metals in the brain be known, we might well find out that the more metals are present, the earlier and the more aggressive (?) a tumour will be. I would be delusional to believe we can stop the use of cellphones, laptops, computers, wi-fi and other components of electro-smog; at least, through proper detoxification, we can minimise if not completely remove that antenna effect. I refer you to Dr. Yoshiaki Omura’s research for more details.
Dr. Robert Becker, in his book “Cross Currents” describes that bacterias in culture exposed to EMFs are “fooled” into sensing this as an immune attack and in reaction secrete much more powerful toxins; through the antenna effect, germs that would otherwise not bother us might become more virulent, especially in patients loaded with heavy metals, compounding the effects of those metals with chronic, virulent infections. More reasons to get rid of the toxic metal burden.

The xenobiotics were unknown not so long ago and our bodies are not engineered to deal with them; heavy metal pollution was not as intense as it has been for the last century, even though they were creating havoc for a long time: for example, it is said that the lead pipes bringing water to the Roman households were responsible for the chronic occurrence of brain damage in the Roman population and eventually responsible for the decline and demise of the Roman Empire.

All that comes on top of the usual and well-known causes of endogenous toxicity created by liver, kidneys, adrenal, endocrine and other insufficiencies whose origins are found in infections, trauma, malnutrition or dysnutrition and even emotional events. Diabetes, kidney failure, liver failure, hypothyroidism, Addison’s disease are found everywhere in the medical literature dating back to Ayurvedic medicine, Chinese medicine, Greek and Roman medicine up until now. Those insufficiencies start at an energetical level where all conventional tests are normal, but can be diagnosed for example through TCM diagnosis, then follow with functional problems where the clinical picture is clearer but still the usual tests are normal or borderline but “still in the acceptable range”, to end with full blown failure when finally the patient stops being considered as suffering from depression or being a malingerer……..organotherapy and drainage at the earliest stage possible will be a lot simpler and save a lot of suffering…and money.

Hahnemann clearly states in the Organon that removing the cause of disease is paramount to the success of a treatment: remove from damp living quarters, remove from areas of malaria are examples found in his writings. The same applies today with chronic poisoning of our bodies. All those xenobiotics, chemicals and heavy metals can mimic or cause ANY labelled disease in any body system. How would you expect to cure any of them while their triggers are still present and active?

Is there any use to test which exogenous toxins are present (the endogenous almost always appearing in the usual conventional lab work)? As a scientist, I definitely would love to know what I am dealing with; as a homeopath using Isotherapy, it would be useful in order to prescribe a precise isotherapic remedy; as a herbalist and nutritionist it would also be useful in order to fine tune the prescription of herbs and foods or supplements known to selectively remove said toxins. Yet there are some drawbacks:
- you would need to test for every known metal and xenobiotic unless there is a clearly documented contamination, in which case no test is needed except in order to know the level of contamination; even if it was possible, the costs would be prohibitive
- some useful tests are difficult to perform and very costly, needing specialised laboratories, dioxin for example; very few practitioners would have access to those labs and even fewer patients would be able to cover the costs, as public health generally does not get involved
- there are many controversies in the ways of performing and interpreting the results of tests: for example, the ongoing discussion whether hair samples should be washed or not before testing; or what does a certain level of toxin in the hair really mean? The body managing to expel it through dead tissues? A continuing intoxication? Contamination? And the same goes for the absence of a toxin in the hair or in the urine after a provocation test: it does not mean the tissues and organs are not saturated with that toxin, it means only it is not present where you look for it
- and last but not least, the discrepancy between the acceptance of the results by practitioners of different specialities: forensic experts rely very much on the results of those tests, sometimes ending up in long jail terms or death penalties where it still exists, whereas many internal medicine specialists scoff at them .. go figure…

In any case, practically, I tend to use general detoxification procedures at all times and add to them specific therapies, like Isotherapy, if one of the toxins is known. In all my years of practice, I have used hair mineral analysis only twice, and it was not useful as I could not do the tests again after treatment to objectivate the clinical results, for financial reasons. So, here you go: it would be nice and useful, but it is not indispensable, in my opinion, of course.

Shall we proceed to learn how to remove them?

More????????? get the book......... :-)